XS Origami welcomes Sean Roberts as Executive Vice President

posted Jan 31 2018

XS Origami, a leading experiential exhibit marketing corporate, is pleased to announce the appointment of Sean Roberts as the Executive Vice President and Global Strategist.

30 years into the exhibition industry, Sean is a reputed, disruptive strategist with peerless understanding of the global market.

He specializes in international trade show strategy and management, corporate events, sponsorship consulting and support. His many skills including leadership, forecasting, negotiation, new technology assessment and application, and business development have been instrumental in improving the experiences of exhibitors worldwide.

In his own words, “It is this understanding of the industry that helps me figure out who the layered contacts and relationships need to be with, and who or whom may become strategic to the next level of growth.”

At XS Origami, Sean will ensure that the company gets to benefit from the latest technological innovations. He aims to target the exhibit houses for their overseas projects, thereby helping the company expand its horizons.

From The CEO’s Desk

Mr. Anurag Madaan, the CEO and Founder, speaks highly of Sean. According to him, “The kind of experience Sean Roberts brings to the table would certainly help XS Origami foray into newer markets, and establish a strong foothold.

The company has been boastful of its influential network of leading visionaries, innovators, and experts, and with Sean in the picture, the network is now stronger than ever,“ he is quick to add.

About XS Origami

XS Origami, a US-based exhibit design company, helps brands reap the rewards of their marketing efforts, by offering solutions to the challenges posed by exhibitions, trade shows, and events. The XS Group has 3256 stands to its credit, and has grown to become one of the leading exhibition stand designers around the world. XS Origami, attempts to amalgamate science and art, and has been successful in giving a new lease of life to inert booths.

Trade Show Experts

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