Busting Trade Show Myths For First Timers

posted Nov 15 2017

Trade shows are a great way of reaching out to the target audience, no doubt, but if you have never exhibited at one before, you are sure to have some apprehensions – How much will it cost? Will it be expensive? Will the visitors automatically come to your booth? Would they rather not go to the other booths, perhaps those of your competitors? Will you get enough leads?

There are some preconceptions that first-timers have, based on what they have heard or by witnessing what others have faced.

However, most get into them, as a desperate marketing attempt, without truly understanding how the exhibition industry functions.


Here are common myths you might have heard about exhibitions:


  1. MYTH: Trade shows are expensive

No, they are not. In fact, you can very well control the labour costs. Going paperless (digital) is a common strategy these days. It not only projects you as a future-ready brand, but also saves you some money. Using reusable packaging material is also a good idea. If manned by the right staff and supported with an intriguing in-booth presentation, your booth can easily fetch you a relatively high ROI.

  1. MYTH: All attendees will visit all booths

Of course not! You need to drive them to your booth, and with virtual reality and live streaming apps, doing so is not as difficult as it seems. Gain their attention and build up their interest, educate them about product, preferably in a fun and engaging way. A virtual tour of your office is likely to make them relate to you – like they know you. Once the word spreads that you have created a custom environment and are ready for the visitors to walk through, others shall follow suit.

  1. MYTH: Most of your interactions will convert to leads

Generating leads is not a big deal, especially if there is a huge influx of visitors, but you need to filter them down and make sure you maintain a high ratio of the workable ones. Just keep a record of the leads that come your way, and maybe even invest in a lead retrieval system, if possible. You may unknowingly misplace the business cards handed over to you, and even if they are retained, it’s unlikely that you’ll find anything more than the name(s) and number(s). To convert the leads, you need more – what is that the visitors are looking for – are you able to answer all their questions – are they interested in generic information or are they on the lookout for something specific. These questions must be answered when your sales team follows up.

More importantly, you need not be wary of the competition; with the right marketing strategy in place, you will easily stand out. Small steps like training your staff for the event, investing in some good giveaways, and follow up with the visitors after the event is over will turn your first event into a huge success. And yes, do have a script ready. The visitors can ask you anything – be prepared for most of their questions. If you are caught unaware, they’ll move on to the next booth in no time.



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