Trade show Chalets That Set You Apart

Standing out from the crowd is no joke, and we at XS Origami, take it quite seriously. With state-of-the-art trade show chalets, we give the audience yet another reason to come your way. Our business chalets take hospitality up a notch, and help increase your brand’s recall value. The audience takes home a never-before experience and what you get is a much larger turnout. A total win-win, we’d say!


What Makes Our Chalets Worthwhile?

They let you break free of the monotony often associated with the regular exhibition floor, while giving you an edge over the competition. You and your audience get to experience a taste of customized luxury. Be it a high-tea session or a gourmet meal, anything that puts mediocrity to rest is incorporated into our trade show chalets, painting a picture of your grandeur for all to see.


What Can Our Chalets Do For You?

Right from projection mapping and AR & VR to interactive kiosks, business chalets can take full advantage of everything that you need to entice and engage the audience. They also give the impression that you care. With focus on comfort and luxury, our corporate chalets are your answer to the million-dollar question, “why should they choose you and not others?”


What Gives Our Chalets The Upper Hand?

Hospitality and attention to detail is the key to building a experiential chalet. We have worked with some of the biggest brands on the face of the earth to have seen and experienced luxury up close and personal. We know what hospitality looks like and do whatever it takes to give your audience more than just a sneak peek. That’s the reason why our trade show chalets are always bustling with activity. There’s never a dull moment, and by the time your audience leaves, you are sure to see a smile on their face.


Our trade show chalets make it abundantly clear that you are willing to go the extra mile to show your prospects that you care.