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posted Sep 20 2017

“To manage is to forecast and plan, to organize, to direct and to control.” – Henry Fayol

Let’s face it! Trade shows are deceptively simple looking, but they are a real challenge. From planning to organizing, directing and executing a successful trade show, myriad of skills are needed. The responsibilities of a hassle-free trade show nearly smother a trade show manager with stress. Here is a rundown of the things to do when plan planning on a trade show to keep your stress levels at bay.

Get planned: Just appearing on the show won’t make it a success for your brand. A well-defined strategy is a deal to circumvent all the hiccups on the show floor. You got to set a goal in your mind and analyze the expected outcome. Draft a blueprint of everything including your purpose of doing the trade show, synchronized business and trade show goals, target audience and anticipated results. Workflow becomes smooth after set goals imprinted on paper.

An unplanned tradeshow would effortlessly blow away the budget of your company.

Explore the versatile Technology: Technological advancements have opened up new vistas for the trade show managers. You have a myriad of apps that allow you to maximize your brand’s potential on the show floor. Be it trade show data management, trade show leads management or ROI analysis; these apps provide you with all.

Evernote, MailChimp, Fatstax, iPrizeWheel, iCapture and QuickTapSurvey are some of the high-tech apps.

Social Media works: Social media is the real godsend weapon for all the trade show marketers. The mind–boggling real-time engagement tools online are a great way to amplify your brand presence.  The word-of-mouth marketing through social media can give your business exponential success.

Right trade show stand contractor: Every trade show stand contractor out there wants to fabricate a booth for your brand. Go with the one who identifies with the value proposition your business and holds the potential to reflect it in your booth.

Bonus Tip: An in-house exhibit house with the designing and building capabilities saves you from the trouble of interacting with too many vendors.

A right balance: Your booth is your business card. It is an expression that imprints impression of your brand in the minds of attendees on the exhibit floor. Recognizing the unique value proposition and authenticity of your brand, conceptualize the theme of your exhibit. Do not mix personal preferences with the professional ones.

Choose the right location: Your booth location plays a huge role in gauging the attention of the valuables attendees on the show floor. A right location gives your brand the desired exposure.  Have a word with the organizer at the earliest and finalize the best one. You might not secure a favorable location in the first place, but building a strong relationship with the organizer helps you in future participation.

No room for de-motivation: While some of your ideas will be materialized other might get rejected. Do not lose your heart. Keep calm, brainstorm more ideas and present them to the echelons with the same zeal and enthusiasm.

Take a Break: It is important to give yourself a break from the frenzied schedule. A leisurely stride, soothing meditation or a walk down to your favorite restaurant revives your energy, rejuvenates your brain and helps you think better. Cheer yourself up with anything and everything that give you the peace of mind.


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