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posted Sep 05 2017

Digital novelties have advanced the way we see the world today. And ever since technology has made its ways into the event industry, we can’t deny that trade shows have experienced a new leaf. In the face-to-face marketing realm, it has facilitated us with increased growth, enhanced connectivity, and more futuristic users-experiences.

With this in mind, we have come up with a rundown of the blooming and enticing technologies in trade shows that create a more preference-based automated environment.

  1. The social robots are cool

We knew this would be a reality someday, and here it is; robots are our new buddies. They are smart, versatile, and create interactive experiences for the attendees in the trade shows. They cut down the staffing cost and innovates the booth technically. Whether you want them to serve the fragile wine glasses to the visitors, demonstrate your products and services or store attendees’ preferences, and potential leads, they do all in no time.

  1. The celebrated Virtual Reality

Humans have frantically embraced the sophisticated computer-constructed reality. Virtual reality in trade shows has become a new window for the brands to unveil their uniqueness. The modern-marvel style technology gives attendees the space to walk around and feel their bodies enveloped by the immersive constructed worldly reality.

  1. Geofencing: The proximity marketing

Geofencing has been around for quite a sometime and multiplication of smartphones has spurred its growth. With today’s smart hardware and software like RFIDs, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), you can now create a virtual boundary around your exhibit.  The virtual perimeter opens up new vistas and avenues for your brand with its location-based feature that enhances your interaction with the prospects and allows you to garner information. As soon as the visitor crosses over the fencing, it triggers an immediate action that includes an email, a text message or any relevant information.

  1. Experiences made favourable with the Experience Polling

What could be more fulfilling than to know the response of your prospects live during the trade show itself? With the novel audience response frontier of data mining, you get instant feedback that facilitates real-time analysis of what’s working for your brand and what not and tailor your conversations accordingly.

  1. The powerful Transparent Displays

The breakthrough transparent displays or the screenless displays are mostly invisible when in use. Much transparent in nature, the technology uses organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) or 3d holographic form are blurring the lines between digital and physical in trade shows with interactive applications.

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