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posted Aug 27 2017

Digital novelties have advanced the way we see the world today. And ever since technology has made its ways into the event industry, we can’t deny that trade shows have experienced a new leaf. In the face-to-face marketing realm, it has facilitated us with increased growth, enhanced connectivity, and futuristic user-experiences.

With this in mind, we have come up with a rundown of the blooming and enticing technologies in trade shows that create a more preference-based automated environment.

The hottest technologies in trade shows:

1. The social robots are cool

We knew this would be a reality someday, and here it is; robots are our new buddies in the events realm. They are smart, versatile, and create interactive experiences for the attendees in the trade shows. They not only cut down the staffing costs but also innovate the booth technically. Whether you want them to serve the ‘oh-so fragile’ wine glasses to the visitors, demonstrate your products/services, store attendees’ preferences, or potential leads, they o all in no time.

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