What purpose does your exhibition stand serve?

posted Dec 15 2017

What are exhibitions or rather an exhibition stands for? To generate leads? Or to build brand awareness? Well, both, but then that’s vague – that’s something you have always been told – something that the exhibitions should get you – but do they? And more importantly, is the achievement of your marketing goals the only purpose that your exhibition stand is supposed to serve, or could you ask for more, especially if you have one of the best trade show booth designers on board? Let’s find out:

Your aim is the pivot

Why would you participate in an exhibition or a trade show? Yes, as discussed, brand awareness may pique your interest, but is that all there is? What about the launch of a new product? Wouldn’t you want to show it to the audience? You would, right? And what do you expect people to take home with them, once the show is over? Just the giveaways? Or your brand instead? Shouldn’t all your efforts be directed at ensuring that it remains at the forefront of their minds? You bet. The exhibition stand does whatever it is that you want it to do; just be clear on your aim for the show.

Your designer could take it from here

Once you know what you want, make sure you and your exhibition stand designer are on the same page – you should both know what is expected – communicate – give them a brief of sorts – drop a hint as to what may work for you and what may not. For instance, if it’s not about one odd-show and you have a couple more lined up in the days to come, tell them that – they may suggest a modular design – one that could give you a greater flexibility.

You need a reality check

Setting expectations are one thing, and watching them get fulfilled is another – make sure that happens, or else there’s no point in getting a stand designed in the first place. Wait till the show is over if the need is, but do find the answers to these questions:

  • You may not have been at the kind of exhibition where you could crack on-site sales, but did you get a chance to pass on the product information to your audience?
  • And what about the stand? Did you install and dismantle it by all by yourself or did the contractor step in?

There’s more to an exhibition stand that meets the eye – yes, it does help you with marketing, but in its own unique way – and it may or may not serve the same purpose for every exhibitor.

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