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posted Sep 07 2017

“Face-to-Face Marketing, the imperative ingredient of Trade Show Success.”

Technological advancements have made the process of marketing communication easy with interactive machines, but nothing remains as attractive as face-to-face marketing in the trade shows. The speed-driven electronic communications cannot replace the power of a potential handshake, an assuring smile or substantive conversations.

Face-to-face marketing in the trade shows gives you an opportunity for you to make precious connections. But capturing the attention of attendees in a hue of exhibitors is not an easy task. The question here is how to grab the invaluable attention of the visitors on the show floor?

Exhibit with a booth that inspires dialogue.

Your booth is the first expression and impression of your brand to the attendees. The design of your exhibit must build a powerful perception of your brand and inspire visitation. Once you have the eyes of the prospects on your booth, break the ice with a subtle tonality.

In the realm of trade shows with people collaborating from different cultural backgrounds, human interaction is the best marketing asset. Face to-face interaction can be your biggest support in positioning the brand among trade show professionals from various walks of life.

As an exhibitor, it becomes your responsibility to make the visitors feel that they are an imperative part of your brand. A seed of trust for brand authenticity needs to be sowed before taking a step towards networking and marketing for brand positioning. Only when a visitor feels he has the potential to be a contributor in a conversation, he/she will open up about his/her thoughts and expectations from you.

Your approach should be a perfect blend of cultural backgrounds for the visitors. An understanding of the culture would give your latent face to-face interaction a space to experience all the facets of language to infuse a deeper level of your brand ideology in the prospect’s mind.

Developing a cultural intelligence would enhance customer experiences and maximize brand’s reputation.

Bonus Tip: Your booth staff plays an integral role in engaging the customers. Make sure your booth staff understands the brand ideology and objectives for the show. Give them some time with pre-training sessions on the cultural aspects, business values, booth etiquettes and client engagement.

Networks and connections concocted at trade shows have the potential to become your business capital. Make an efficient use of the incalculable human component at the Trade Shows.

Human touch remains the best marketing mix of all!

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