Here’s What EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 Has In Store For You

posted Feb 14 2018

If you eat, sleep and breathe trade shows, wouldn’t you want to master trade show marketing & management fundamentals? What about the latest emerging trends? Would you rather leave them undiscovered? And yes, wouldn’t it be great if you could communicate better with stakeholders and exhibit staffers? You bet.

What if you could learn all this and more at a conference? That’s EXHIBITORLIVE for you in a nutshell – a conference where learning takes the center stage. And if you choose to attend, what you come back with is greater self-confidence, more authority, and less push-back on your decisions.

Peer2Peer Roundtables

These could be a great platform if you are facing a challenge at the moment or have already found the solution to one, and would like to share it with others. Got some great ideas? Let others know. Your thoughts, problems, templates and anything and everything that seems relevant can be discussed at these roundtables. Call them a think tank if you may, but these could offer some meaningful insights, the ones that could help you do better. Right from understanding the relationship between design and ROI to learning how to integrate cause marketing into your trade show program, there’s a lot to look forward to.

Sessions & Workshops

As a trade show and event marketing professional, what kind of workshops would you want to attend? The ones that let you know how to build a successful event marketing plan or the ones that could possibly help you devise strategies for generating top-quality booth traffic? How about both? At EXHIBITORLIVE 2018, you will have the freedom to choose the tracks you best identify with and register for relevant sessions and workshops. Right from measurement & analytics to global exhibit marketing, you could learn a thing or two about things that matter.

What’s New

EXHIBITORLIVE 2018 will feature some additions and tweaks, which could again be something to look forward to, especially if you are not a first-timer. This year’s edition will witness the introduction of 70 new session options, innovations in learning opportunities, all meant to impart knowledge and ensure that you make the most of your time here. Also, 35 new products are slated to debut at the conference and the best part is that they will all be eligible to win the prestigious Buyers Choice Award, which recognizes the top new innovations of the year.

Last but not the least, there’ll be what they are calling “The Connect Zone”, a new multi-use area near the entrance to the Exhibit Hall. Here you will see exhibitors and various industry associations hosting private and public live events.

CTSM Certification

If you believe that a university-affiliated certification program for trade show and event marketers (and perhaps the only one) could help boost your career or let you develop a better understanding of the ifs and buts of the industry, do consider enrolling. However, it’s advisable to ask around and find out if other certified professionals have had expanded career opportunities, and greater authority with their organizations, before giving a thumbs up!

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