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posted Dec 05 2017

A poorly designed trade show booth is a deal breaker, agreed, but is a good one magnetic enough to draw in the attendance that you are counting on, all by itself? Not really. Unless your booth or rather the exhibition is surrounded with pre, at, and post-show marketing, chances are that it would fail to deliver or even worse, fall flat. What a waste. So what exactly would an effective marketing campaign look like? And more importantly, can you devise one at random? No. You can’t.

Why Not?

That’s because you are yet to identify and locate your target audience. Reach out to them. Be on the lookout for mediums that intrigue them or the ones they participate in – the industry they belong to, the publications they read, the social media platforms they frequent or even the websites that they visit. Once you have this information with you, take full advantage – post the invite to your booth on these mediums or better still, send some direct mailers. Even email blasts would work. Anything and everything that spreads the word –

“Hey, Hello, We would be there at the show and this is our booth location. This is what we are promoting and that’s how you can find us once you are at the show. And yes, we are offering this great giveaway. Come and grab it! “

You get the drift, right?

Why That’s Not Enough?

The initial invite and pre-show marketing may work in your favor, but there’s still a long way to go. Once they are at the show, there are too many distractions out there, and they may make a detour, even if they were headed your way. How do you stop that from happening? By investing in on-site advertising – with educational sessions – through catalog listings – with eye-catching graphics – by sending SMS reminders – the options galore. That’s half the battle. Now that they are at your exhibit, make it worth their time and effort. Educate them about your products and offerings but don’t be too pushy or boring – have a rather interactive session, one that focuses on how the attendees would benefit and what’s in store for them.

While you are at it, leave no stone unturned to make them feel valuable – offer special deals, give them tailored handouts, i.e. material that’s in sync with the industry they belong to, and drop obvious yet subtle hints that yes, you did do your homework. Goes without saying that their problem areas, budgetary constraints and time limits are to be taken into consideration before you categorize them as “leads” – unless you know how to qualify, there’ll be a lot of loose ends.

Why Can’t You Stop Just Yet?

The show may be over, but did you close the deal? No? Continue. Now’s the time when your marketing campaign should be in full swing. Follow up. Send emails or give them a call. Tailored messages, especially the ones based on whatever information they shared at the show, will bowl them over. Don’t overkill though. If they show no inclination to buy just immediately after the show, don’t give up. Nurture. Give them some time. They’ll buy, eventually.


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