A Better Price For Your Exhibit May Or May Not Get You A Better Value

posted Dec 07 2017

Trade show exhibits or stands can make or break your marketing budget, agreed. In fact, they should only be outsourced to those who offer a better price, right? But what if the designer of your choice, the one who claims to build an affordable stand, hands over a post-show invoice that doubles the expense you started with? Won’t this last-minute surprise have a gruesome effect on all your other shows, especially the ones you are to attend in the near future? Or worse, if the stand is not in sync with your company objectives or shows you in a bad light, is it worth investing in, in the first place? Not really. Price does matter, no doubt, but so does value – strike a balance, and err on the side of caution. Here’s how you could do that:

Take every expense into account – when at the trade show venue, you’ll need a couple of on-site services, such as cleaning and telephone lines, in the absence of which, the exhibit would begin to crumble. Make sure that the designer has already included these services in the estimate offered to you and that there are no add-ons at the eleventh hour. Yes, you can always allocate a meager 3% of your exhibit marketing budget to unexpected expenses, but if you have been kept in the dark by your exhibition booth designer, then these expenses might shoot up.

Have a strategy in place – if you have plans to exhibit at one odd show, renting a booth does make sense, but if you are to use the booth at multiple shows, it’s advisable to rather buy it. In this case, you’d probably get a better value by investing more and making a purchase.

Always seek complete satisfaction – if the exhibit lacks eye-catching graphics or doesn’t fit your product needs, you’ll eventually have to spend more to make sure it’s up to the mark. Again, the booth may look cheaper in the beginning but might cost you dearly later on.

Get a clear picture – a trade show booth or stand also warrants storage, especially in case of a modular design. Do consider the storage costs while calculating the amount you need to spend. Remember, the higher the cost, the greater the impact on your marketing budget.

Do not settle for less – if you have to talk yourself into the cheaper option, perhaps you already know it’s not worthwhile. Visitors will only come your way if your booth stands out from the rest and is yet inviting enough for them to not merely walk past, but actually come on over. A bad design will defeat the very purpose, and no matter how less you spend, your ROI would go for a toss.

To cut the long story short, do take the price into consideration or better still, negotiate, but do not forget that you get what you pay for – if it’s a below average stand that you are investing in, then you’d be pretty much on your own at the show. Good luck!


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