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posted Dec 05 2017

Trade shows warrant due diligence; you just can’t participate in every other show, hoping to somehow run into your target audience. It is important to choose, especially when a huge investment is to be made. And once you have made the choice, it’s up to you and your staff – whether or not you can make the most of the show – what kind of leads can you generate and how many sales can you crack? To make sure you turn out to be a successful salesperson at any trade show, here’s what you could do:

  • Train your people: No matter how many trade shows they have been to, your staff must be prepped up for the upcoming ones. The goals of attending the shows should be made clear right in the beginning, and product/service-related training must be imparted before the actual show, and not at the venue. If you wish to set behavioral expectations, now is the time. Of course, it’s equally important for you to know your products inside out and have a clear-cut idea of who your target buyer is.
  • Act quickly: Engage the visitors within the first minute they are there at your booth, or chances are they’ll vanish into thin air. Engage, but don’t bore them or sound mundane. “How can I help you” is something that they have been listening to at every other booth. Play smart.
  • Learn to qualify: Not everyone is out there to make a purchase; some just visit your booth for giveaways, while others are simply not interested. Talk the visitors into convincing you that they indeed have a problem which they need a solution to, and if they don’t, let the non-sales staff take over. The goal is to establish who they are – a buyer, a decision maker, or perhaps a competitor? Request for a business card if you are not sure.
  • Don’t overkill: Everyone who walks into your booth must be attended to. Some would come over just to find answers to their questions, and not necessarily buy. Have some subject matter experts out there. If your booth screams “sales” from the rooftop, many visitors will give it a miss, thereby affecting the total tally. And no matter what, don’t push too far. Trying too hard will always get you a no.
  • Don’t miss out on information: You may have to multitask, but you must jot down the details of each and every visitor, while you talk to them about their needs and find out what brings them to your booth. Collecting their business cards and keeping them for later use is a good idea, but if you input the data into a database right then or have a lead retrieval system in place, there’s nothing like it. The information would come in handy while following-up and will help you generate a mailing list of sorts, for all future promotions.

Always follow up. Always: A good salesperson not just sells at the booth, but also converts the leads obtained; this is only possible if the leads are followed up – through the mail, or better still, with a telephone call, within one week of the show.

Selling at trade shows is not as difficult as seems. You just need to know the drill, and once you do, there’s no stopping you.

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