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posted Sep 05 2017

When everything in the constantly changing digital world is an experience in itself, the importance of authentic and unique experiences for trade show marketing multiplies.  Attendees today are digging deep to find experiences that distinctively defines the value proposition of the brand they are engaging with. And as you share the true attributes of your brand, you attract your ideal audience, inspire them and prosper. This way your exhibit program stays ahead of the curve.

Why being authentic and unique in trade show marketing matters?

We have moved to an era where consumers are bombarded with information from everywhere. This constant trigger of messages from brands has created a sense of uncertainty among the customers, making it hard for them to know whom to trust.

While participating in a trade show, you share the ground with competitors who are marketing on the similar products and services, and this is where authenticity and uniqueness emerge as a criterion. Attendees connect with your brand based on experience. With thousands of exhibitors making an endeavor to influence the brand preferences of the attendees, you ought to win their interest by making them a part of your brand ideologies. Optimistic personal experiences build goodwill, facilitating qualitative brand bonding and eventually enhancing customer loyalty.

Jim Gilmore illustration of Authenticity

Experienced exhibitors have the know-how to run an effective and efficient trade show program. Jim Gilmore, the author of ‘Authenticity: What Consumers Really Want’, in his interview with Exhibitor Online, perfectly illustrates how to infuse authenticity in trade show exhibits.

While having a myriad of attractive elements may not connect with the attendees, unveiling elements that create individually unique results that your prospects believe in.

To create a unique and authentic trade show marketing experience, you can leverage ideas from the five genres of authenticity offered by Jim Gilmore:

  1. Natural Authenticity: This genre explains how exhibitors can leverage their brand by making an adept choice between the
  • indoor and the outdoor exhibit location
  • the booth design and its concept
  • the supplies used to build the booth
  • the lingo used in graphics, and so on


  1. Original Authenticity: Nothing could be more appealing than a first-of-its-kind experience, no imitation but simply real. With this genre, you take a step further to set an example for others. While planning to do something new, make sure your idea encourages attendee participation and collaboration. With the feature of original authenticity in your trade show marketing program, your visitors will act true to their personalities and this way your brand will conform to their self-image.


  1. Exceptional Authenticity: The ‘human’ aspect of face-to-face marketing is remarkably unbeatable. Exceptional authenticity tends to shape an exhibit program in line with the preferences of the target audience. It deals with mass customization.


  1. Referential Authenticity: Here you create an environment that draws its perspective from the previously existing things or events that are regarded true. Referencing your exhibit theme from something that impeccably defines your business and showcase it concisely is commendable.


  1. Influential Authenticity: Here you create an environment that primarily exerts influence on the attendees and calls on them to achieve a goal. Is there some extraordinary feature in your brand that has potential to help consumers accomplish their needs? If yes, you have what it needs to create an influential authenticity.


Way to be authentic and unique in your trade show marketing tactics

The experience you provide to the visitors is your trade show marketing differentiator.

Your exhibit is the foremost expression of your brand to the valuable attendees. Does this first impression mirror your brand values? In a well-connected world that we live in, any falsely stated image spreads speedily. To avoid this serious blunder, you need to know the prodigy of your brand, the mission and vision, its features, the target audience and exhibition goals.

With time exhibitors are realizing that immersive experiences are too expensive to ignore and therefore, they are now employing more experiential, yet authentic and unique trade show marketing tactics. Collaborate with the exhibit house that makes an effort to get to the roots of your brand and relate to the core ideologies’.

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