posted Feb 10 2018

The visitors simply love giveaways, no doubt, but they do look forward to something new – something other than pens and caps – something that they haven’t been getting for years – something that they are not tempted to throw away at the first chance. Step up and give them what they want:

Food: Yes, food. And please don’t try and pull off that age-old breath mint gimmick. That’s not food, and you know it. Give them something to eat. Firstly, you’ll find it easier to engage them in an engrossing conversation. And secondly, they’ll stick around for a long while. Win-win. You could also incorporate gamification, especially if you are the creative kind, and can easily convince them to participate in some food-tasting contest or something of this sort. Keep it fun. A happy mind and a fuller stomach will get you some extra brownie points.

A handy package: Call it a care package if you may, but if you truly care for those who visit you at your next show, make it obvious – don’t expect them to assume. The visitors spend hours going from one booth to another and are on their toes, like literally. The least you could do is to offer them a bottle of water and maybe even some snacks. Better still, include an aspirin as well. And yes, some blister plasters would be great too. Most of the exhibitors just think of themselves and of how they can generate the maximum leads; not that you shouldn’t, but then you could also stand out.

E-books: Contrary to popular belief, the visitors are very much interested in and are receptive to information. They just don’t have the time to process it all, and may deliberately want to access it later, and not when they are at the show. Respect that. Email them a white paper, highlighting the strengths of your company, and whatever it is that you offer. Or you could hand over a drive with an e-book. Incentivize them. Offer some sort of reward, which they could redeem during or after the show. Spread the word.

Phone chargers/power bank: Visitors, especially the millennials, are hooked to their phones, often sharing their experience(s) at the show with those who did not turn up. You could use this to your advantage – start a thread online – engage everyone – even those who are not physically present at the show. Give your visitors a power bank, something they could actually use, and would be thankful for. And if they do not run out of battery, chances are that they would continue to get the word out. Could you have asked for more? A phone charger shall also suffice, and act as a reminder of your brand if you get your logo printed on top of it.

Anything eco-friendly: That’s vague of course, but it could actually be anything, including eco-friendly bags – anything that portrays you as a socially responsible brand – anything that increases your brand recall value and gives the visitors a reason to make a detour and come your way when they are headed to another booth. Again, this is one of those giveaways that would go down well with the millenials. Others would love it too though.

As long as your marketing budget doesn’t take a hit, any of the alternate giveaways would do. Needless to say, the giveaways could be quirky, but not irrelevant.

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