4 tips will help you effectively manage leads at the next trade show

posted Nov 14 2017

Attractive displays, concise messages, live streams and of course, the pitching skills of your team – these are some of the things that’ll help you with lead generation at a trade show.

However, all your efforts may go in vain if these leads go unfulfilled. Unfortunately, that’s what happens with as many as a whopping 80% of such leads.

To make sure that you get to effectively manage the leads, here’s a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you must keep in mind:

DO plan for lead fulfillment in advance

Have a fulfillment plan before the show starts, and make note of every interaction.

Don’t just jot down the name or the company of the person you talked to, but also take notes of the conversation. It will help you draft a personalised response later, which will give you extra points for recall value. Do this because sending marketing collaterals alone is not enough.

Also, if you promise to follow up something specific, include it in your notes.

Cater to their specific needs–if someone asked you for the price quote, then that’s what they are interested and in such a case, do not send a generic follow up.

Business cards are not enough, DO stay up-to-date with technology:

Business cards are great and do make the pleasantries somewhat rewarding, but they do not give you everything that you will need.

For this, you need electronic lead retrieval systems. Look for feature-rich systems, the ones that will let you find the leads’ social media (preferably LinkedIn) profiles to make your connection even more personal.

Also, the systems should be designed to handle large crowds without hampering the attendee experience.

DO have a plan of action handy:

How do your sales personnel plan to follow up with the leads, once the show is over?

Will they be emailing the leads or rather pick up the phone and talk? When can the leads expect a call, as in how long after the show?
Once you have the answers to these questions, you can set expectations –for you and for the lead as well.

DO NOT be wary of real-time iteration:

Just because you have a lead retrieval system in place, doesn’t mean your job is done.
You may need to make some adjustments and waiting till the end of the event for that may have repercussions. Be prepared for on-the-spot crisis management.

Meet with all the stakeholders from marketing and sales at the end of the day and compare notes.

The bottom line is that you do need to prepare for the show, but some preparedness must also be shown towards what is to happen after the show, and an effective lead management strategy helps you with just that.


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